January is over.

Can’t say January was particularly good so I’m hoping Feb will be an improvement.
Although, I did finish [Leave a message] in Jan so it wasn’t all shit.
We’re still in the middle of neighbour hell or a war zone.
Every day it feels more and more like a war zone. We’re waiting for the next thing. It’s not if but when. Those people cannot control themselves at all.
Whingy Chick and Big Mouth don’t seem capable of talking like humans for longer than two minutes. After that, it’s a barrage of profanity punctuated by screaming, bashing, and breaking things. The latest toll was our letterbox at 1:45AM on Monday. Not just broken, but completely uprooted and chucked over our front fence. Of course, that followed the window-smashing at the “house they’re staying in” on Saturday. Guess I’m lucky nothing was thrown through our front windows. I say “house they are staying in” because NONE of the people currently at that property live there. They all live a couple of streets away and have for some unknown reason parked up next door to us.
Making me miss the days when our neighbours were gang members and the street was quiet and safe.
Anywho, enough about the war.
I’m still trying to write a synopsis and some blurbs for [Leave a message] – it’s proving harder than usual. Think it’s because of the war though.

“An ex-Kiwi spy, an American and an Australian walk into a problematic situation … wishing they’d walked into a bar.” – yeah nah. 🙂

“Veronica Tracey PI is asked to find a missing intelligence officer by his father. A simple enough job with Ronnie’s special skills or it was until she received a single-word message that sent her off the grid with two current intelligence officers.
She must use every means necessary to find the source of the message, locate the missing man, and uncover what’s really happening in New Zealand.
Meanwhile, Nana and the Cronies of Doom have plans of their own and the potential for overlap and disaster is high.” – sort of.

“A former-intelligence officer who is now a private investigator is tasked with finding a missing intelligence officer by the man’s father.” – Well, that’s the guts of it.

I guess I’ll get there in the end.
[Leave a Message] is now with my wonderful friend and editor.
I will organise the ISBN at some stage. There really is plenty of time for that. This book isn’t launching until mid-winter.

I almost ordered some keyring torches this morning. For no good reason either, might I add. Just because they’re cool. 🙂 Thing is I have some pen/torch gift sets so I really don’t need more torches.

Hoping I get to teach crime writing again later this month. It depends on numbers. So cross your fingers that we get the minimum for the course. Last I checked we were halfway there. (So, yep, I’m living on a prayer.)


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