Old words part 8/9

It's Just Me. Pages 8/9 - Sorry, I edited the numbering because I can't count 🙂 Rowan grinned at the camera. For the world to hear and me to understand he said, “I’m coming home, think I’ll drive through the night.” He launched into their current number one single, Coming home.  I called out to … Continue reading Old words part 8/9



I'll add the song or maybe the whole album at the end of this post. (Yes, it's Bon Jovi - but you knew that didn't you?) It's also the title of a Byte Series short story that is in Raidbyte. The story tagline is: D&D shouldn't be fatal. Undivided comes between Metabyte and Qubyte. It's … Continue reading Undivided

I Am.

I am ... procrastinating.I am ... wishing I could write faster.I am ... listening to 'Have A Nice Day'I am ... 100% procrastinating.I am ... really wanting [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] to move faster.I am ... almost ready to load the final files for [Leave a message].I am ... wondering what is wrong with men that … Continue reading I Am.