Old words part 8/9

It’s Just Me. Pages 8/9 – Sorry, I edited the numbering because I can’t count 🙂

Rowan grinned at the camera. For the world to hear and me to understand he said, “I’m coming home, think I’ll drive through the night.”

He launched into their current number one single, Coming home. 

I called out to Mac, “Rowan is driving home tonight.”

He didn’t reply. I didn’t care.

I disappeared into the song while I tried to figure out what was next. I married Mac. He died. A few years later I married Rowan. But here’s Mac! Laughter bubbled inside me. Two husbands.

And my mother despaired of me at thirty, saying I’d never meet a man or get married. Proved her wrong. 

Mac placed a plate on my knee and a fork in my hand.


I ate. Proving to myself that I wasn’t always contrary, not always. With the plate empty, I placed the fork across it and slid it to the coffee table.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“You cannot keep doing this, Mac.” 

“Looking out for you?”

“Yes. Looking out for me. Turning up. Dropping into messenger. Being around but not really. It’s not fair for me or Rowan.”

“He knows, what you know?”

“He knows, no secrets Mac. Secrets destroy people.”

“So you told him about everything?”

“Yes.” I glared at Mac. “I was shot. Lee was shot. Gunmen attacked our engagement party because of you. Tony’s kids were in danger. All because someone thought I had information. Evidence as it turned out, required to convict a bunch of senators and tie them to some sort of mafia. I was under close surveillance!”

Mac picked his glass up. His eyes remained firmly on the television screen. He spoke, “I tried to get it back.”

“It was you who broke in, but didn’t? How?” 

Try and explain to the police that you’re damn sure someone broke in when there was no sign of forced entry.

“I used to keep a key in the truck.”

“I had the truck keys, no one broke into the truck.”

He smiled. “Spare house key was in a small magnetic box in the front left wheel arch.”

“Did you plant the bugs?”

“Yeah, sure, I wanted to hear you and your boyfriend…”

  “Don’t be a dick. Did you?”

“A couple.”

“You could’ve just asked me.”

“No Ellie, I couldn’t. I was dead. I moved in and out of the country doing my ghost impression.”

“Yes, much better that I think I’m seeing things and that my team begins to question my sanity. Don’t do me any more favors.”

“I wanted to talk to you.”


“I wanted you to know for sure it’s me.”

Cos that makes all the difference now after being a total mind fuck for three years. 


He filled our glasses again.

“I never stopped loving you.”

Ditto that. I waited. I doubted a confession of everlasting love was what he came for.

“I want you to work with me.”

Holy mother of God!

2 thoughts on “Old words part 8/9

  1. Oh, this is getting interesting!! I figured Mack had a reason to turn up there, then. He’s not that spontaneous. And I’m glad Rowan knows. It’s going to be very, very weird for everyone, but lots better than if he didn’t, I think.

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