News at 10.

I figured it'd be about ten by the time I get this written, so, there ya go. :)As many of you are aware, on Friday we had a wonderful event at Upper Hutt Library called: Books with Byte. It was great fun. Books with Byte ends the byte series. We launched Vaporbyte (both versions) because … Continue reading News at 10.

Almost jersey weather!

Part of me is delighted, because last year I knitted AWESOME jerseys but the rest of me is unimpressed because I like summer and very much dislike winter. (And it's coming!) Yesterday I wore my big purple knitted jacket, it was cold enough. Today, I'm working from home so an old hoodie will do the … Continue reading Almost jersey weather!


It's officially launch month for VAPORBYTE.And here's the feature over at The Big Thrill.Exciting stuff!We launch the eBooks next week, still no word on print copies, but I don't think that will be happening anytime soon. So, if you're waiting for print, you will be waiting for a while. A word about the Virtual Launch … Continue reading ITW