Here’s Dallas …

January ended with a new family member. Doris has her kitten!We didn't think we'd be adding to the menagerie so soon but the opportunity arose and along came little Dallas. (Tortoiseshell Birman.) I expected a bit of pushback from Diesel and Patrick. I did not expect Diesel to start treating Dallas like she was his … Continue reading Here’s Dallas …


Some Nights

The only reason F.U.N's "Some Nights" is today's blog title is that Doris has been singing it this morning while she was getting ready to go out. Now it's stuck in my head. Thought I'd share the love, you're welcome.The end of January is almost here. I'll be back at the bookshop on Feb 1st. … Continue reading Some Nights

Stand By Me

I've been almost AWOL, I know, remiss. Once upon a time, I would've apologised but I shan't.It's been busy over here. I'm trying to get [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] finished. I've got six weeks and three days to have a book that's ready to go to my lovely editor. Yeah, it can't be the first draft, … Continue reading Stand By Me