My patience is at an all-time low

Mostly because for whatever reason my wrist woke me up during the night and just will not quit being super fucking painful. Doesn’t matter if I use it or not. Same same. It’s annoying AF.
Another month before I see the surgeon. Here’s hoping he can fix the cartilage tear and the other few things that have gone wrong.
I’m not best pleased.

It’s Waitangi weekend here. Makes it a long weekend but actually is no different for me. I always have a long weekend. 🙂
I had thought that I would mess around with a story that popped up last week. But I don’t so much feel like it what with being one-handed at the moment.
(Think it’s going to turn into another Crockett and Ronnie story.)

Fingers crossed I get to teach this month!! That I can do one-handed. 🙂

Today Doris helped me make Banana bread. She did the making, I did the instructing.
It’s the best banana bread ever! Below are photos of 2 of the tee-shirts I wore last week and in the middle – banana bread!

I’m waiting for another TeePublic sale and I know one’s coming soon. I’ll get some more tee shirts then!


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