More coffee is needed.

It’s a day. The difference is that I got the email about “Read an eBook week” that is in March on Smashwords. I usually sign up. No doubt I will over the next few days. The thing is … is it worthwhile giving away the first two Byte Series books and the first Veronica Tracey book?
The answer is yes and no.
I did do that recently (feels like recently) the end-of-year Smashwords sale or Jan or something. I gave away quite a few copies of killerbyte and terrorbyte and [Nothing happens here] … to what end? Well, a couple of people bought books after that. So, I guess the hook is there. (We knew that though.)
I’m not making the rest of either series free. I do need to eat and pay bills. I don’t mind giving out freebie codes occasionally though. When I do that, it frustrates me, very few people bother to download the book or boxed set. It’s crazy because people want free books all the time, I get asked.
Pirates steal my work and give it away on those scammy sites … is that where you’re getting your books? Shame on you if that’s the case. Stealing from authors is the lowest of the low. I know you can justify it with your brain gymnastics but the reality is … that’s theft. That’s food off the author’s table. That’s clothes from their children’s backs. That’s electricity so they can live and write more books.

Enough of that. My brain is still trying to wake up and the chance of sense is low.
Remember that story I don’t really like much (it’s not bad, just not my thing), it’d probably take a couple of sentences to finish the thing. Can’t settle on a title. We’ve tried all sorts. Doris suggested, “Written in Leaves’ the other day so we’re trying that at the moment. Would be so much easier if it was a Byte story – grab a suitable song and go for it. But no, this is not.
Even if it was a Veronica Tracey story I’d have an easier job of finding a suitable title.
This story is crazy hard to find something that sticks with it and feels right. Perhaps if I wrote a blurb or a tagline or even a logline I’d have more luck. Perhaps that’s what I need to do. Takes a lot of brain power, not sure if I have that yet. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Had to order a new Fitbit charger for Doris yesterday. You know what the stupid thing about Fitbit is? It doesn’t say on the bloody thing what sort it is … and there’s quite a few and quite a few different charger cables. How dumb is that? Super dumb. There’s a good chance I bought the wrong one. Fingers crossed I didn’t. Also, the one it came with was about 10cm long which meant the thing dangled from the plug … now that is a stupid design. I’d call it a flaw. Why would they do that?
Get your shit together Fitbit.

Right, time to try and do something. Ha. Yeah. Don’t see much happening. It’s kinda rainy. Might be fun to put the washing out and cause it to really rain.

Here’s Dallas this morning. She gave Diesel a wash.


4 thoughts on “More coffee is needed.

  1. Titles! I’m trying to work out a good one for my WIP. I have one that sort of works – well, it’s not a terrible title – but it doesn’t resonate. It doesn’t say, ‘Read me!’

    And speaking of getting people to want to read your work, I couldn’t agree more with you about pirates. Those people are such scumbags! It’s an author’s livelihood they’re messing with and that’s low. One of these days I’ll write one of my flash fiction stories about a story pirate and we’ll see what happens… πŸ˜‰

    • I think I’ve written a few shorts over the years that saw sticky ends for pirates! Just to get it out of my system. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      Titles are hard.
      Very hard.
      My usual brain storming isn’t working for this one so … time for a logline, blurb, and tag line – hopefully that will spark something!
      Good luck with your title quest, Margot!

  2. Cute pics! Love the putting out the clothes so it rains even more. I wrote my thoughts on theft “Does copyright infringement (piracy) incur karma?” – a bit fring, I can flick you the link any time you feel like some spiritually focused thinking πŸ™‚

    • I would like to think that piracy did incur karma, that being said, karma could work faster! πŸ™‚ I’m expecting laptops to explode taking the pirates (and those who download from pirate sites thinking it hurts no one) … to lose their fingers.

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