Hot Child in the City

It's finally summer. Hooray. Okay, this is the thing, I'm ticked off so you're going to hear about it. Seems fair. Good chance I'm not the only one annoyed so feel free to be pissed right along with me! :)Pet peeve 1: Blogs by non-writers telling people how to write a book and stating shit … Continue reading Hot Child in the City

Bad to the Bone

I've been around long enough to know that some people are Bad to the Bone. There is nothing redeeming about them at all. I've written a few characters like that over the years. I'm sure AD Owen liked puppies the way Cruella de Vil liked puppies. (Byte reference for those who don't know who Owen … Continue reading Bad to the Bone

Now what?

I left Perth a week ago - it's been a busy week. Got to spend time with my youngest son while he was over from Sydney. That was a great distraction. Cryptobyte is now ready for editing. I heard back from my new beta readers and dealt with the raised points and enjoyed the fabulous … Continue reading Now what?