Do What You Can

Thanks for the blog title, Bon Jovi. :)And the week begins. It started well with a coffee and meeting someone new at the bookshop. Last week was old soldiers, today, a considerably younger random coffee purchaser. šŸ™‚ Good people are still out there.This morning was sales email morning so once that job was complete I … Continue reading Do What You Can

Bad Moon Rising

I opened the cupboards yesterday and nodded at the contents, those tins know what's what. For years I've maintained a minimum tinned/dry/whatever food level, why?BECAUSE I LIVE IN NEW ZEALAND. At any minute the earth can throw a fucking fit and up end everything. Has done before, will do again. It seems to quite like … Continue reading Bad Moon Rising

Now what?

I left Perth a week ago - it's been a busy week. Got to spend time with my youngest son while he was over from Sydney. That was a great distraction. Cryptobyte is now ready for editing. I heard back from my new beta readers and dealt with the raised points and enjoyed the fabulous … Continue reading Now what?