Meri Kirihimete

This is probably my last blog post for the year (unless I find time to sneak one in on Christmas Day).
I wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season.
It’s been wonderful connecting with you.

Last minute gift idea for the budding crime writer in your life …

In Feb 2023 an online crime writing seminar kicks off!
And trust me, it’s well worth your time.
This seminar combines Zoom tutorials/discussions and Google Classroom notes and exercises to cement the learning.
Most importantly it’ll be a load of fun. (Taught by two Sagitarrians, how could it not be?)
Sign up here: Writing Wrongs
Get in there and sign up. Margot Kinberg and I are dying to share our knowledge with you. We’re excited to be able to welcome students from all over the world to our online class.

In other news: I sent a copy of [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] to the “new characters”. Yes, that means there are characters based on real people. Names were changed. Such fun.
Got some notes back which is great, because I had forgotten about something quite important about one character. I think I am so used to these things that I didn’t describe them. I’m about to hop into the ms and add in something about the things. 🙂

I’ve cultivated a lovely relationship with my dentist over the last few weeks. She’s actually awesome. My last appointment is tomorrow. Hopefully, by Christmas Day I’ll be able to eat properly and my jaw will settle down and behave. Currently, it is painful and quite annoying.

As per the tradition in our house, our frozen Turkey has been named. This year we are eating Fiona. She is currently residing in the vegetable drawer by herself while she defrosts. It’s a whole process.

That’s about it from me really.
Be safe, be kind, and live well.
See you next year (if not before).


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