So that happened …

December is in full swing. I am having trouble typing because my nails are long. I’ve been avoiding typing on anything including my phone – just ends up with a lot of backspacing and who wants to be doing that?
These nails were supposed to last a day. Well, it’s been five days.
Anywho, yesterday was my birthday.
Party was on Saturday – no one wants a party on a Monday. The usual annoyances of this time of year kicked in … it’s fucking December so people have work parties and whatnot. Annoying! 🙂
Was a fun night though.
Got to spend time with some awesome people while drinking tequila. No stories though! Unusual!

We did almost die on Friday night on our way to the airport to pick up Chrissy – that was way too exciting. We’re all okay. Car is okay. Amazingly the guy behind us didn’t go through us. My Knight cleverly avoided crashing into the cars in front of us and prevented the guy behind us from crashing into us. It was close. Way too close. We were shaken.

I’m currently reading a book that has me baffled. I can’t quite understand why it’s a novel and not a short story. I’m almost finished, and I think the story could’ve been told in three pages. The weak premise and screwed timeline are making it tricky going.
It’s confusing but not in an “oh, clever” way. Honestly, if the characters all died at the end I wouldn’t care. Gimme a rifle, I’ll even help.

I didn’t do a birthday giveaway this year. I was going to but I did one not that long ago. I’ll probably do one in Feb.

Don’t forget to grab this amazing seminar for the budding crime writer in your family:
Writing Wrongs It’s going to be the best fun and of course, informative! It’d make a great Christmas pressie!

If you’d like to read spy/PI novels set here in Upper Hutt then check these out:
[Lure the lie]
[Leave a message]
[Veronica Tracey Vol 1] – [Nothing happens here] and [Lure the lie] combined in one volume.

Books make great gifts!
And supporting Kiwi authors is a fab present for a Kiwi Author!


2 thoughts on “So that happened …

  1. Glad to hear you’re all safe! I’ve had close calls like that, and it’s really scary. It’s good to hear you had a fun birthday, and that Your Knight was able to be there for it. Oh, and thanks for mentioning the seminar. It is going to be fantastic!

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