Happy New Year: Here’s 2023

Kia Ora,
Hope you all had a fab New Year’s Eve and are ready for 2023.

We had a lovely night involving sangria and champagne. Now it’s 2023 and on we go.
Not quite sure what we’re going on with but no doubt that will become apparent at some point.

Oddly, I don’t have much to report. I’m not working on much (that’s code for: I haven’t written anything in weeks). Waiting to see what Doris comes up with for the rest of the story she asked me to write. Think it’s time we got that bloody thing finished. Maybe once that’s done I’ll find my next right thing. I did come across an outline for the story and according to that it’s damn near finished so perhaps it won’t take much to end it. (There is hope.)
And yes, I did say outline. I am aware how bizarre that seems. The only reason there is an outline for ‘Life in the Leaves‘ is that it’s not my preferred genre. That’s right, it’s not crime or spy or thriller. I’m not super sure what it is but it’s not them!

The fourth Veronica Tracey book is with my editor. So, there’s nothing for me to do there except wait. There is no rush. It won’t be released until mid-year.
Quite nice having nothing much to do for a change.
I do need to go for a decent walk though getting tired of cramps in my feet and legs at night. There is only so much magnesium can do if I’m not as active as usual. Annoying but it is what it is.

That’s about it really. Rivetting reading I’m sure. šŸ™‚

Oh, hang on, there is a thing! [Leave a message] is up for best mystery novel via Critters Workshop Readers Poll your vote is much appreciated (I am well aware that the site is a bit of a pain to view especially on a phone!).

Have a wonderful start to 2023.

[Veronica Tracey] [Spy/PI] Volume 1.


One thought on “Happy New Year: Here’s 2023

  1. Happy New Year, Cat! I hope it’s a banner year for you with lots of success. And here’s wishing you tequila, Diesel steak, Patrick and Jimmy The Thug catnip, and the kids some fun. Your Knight doesn’t need a wish from me – he has you!

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