Coming to you from Mahau Sound.

I might have to shout as the internet isn’t the happiest over here … it’s still copper wire. I’ll probably need to shout.

How is everyone? How was your New Year?
Yes, I am interested. Go ahead and tell me.

My current view is stunning and very familiar. It’s the same view, always. I very much like it like that. Some things shouldn’t change. They should remain beautiful and serene and remind us that both are possible.

Anywho, the good weather is coming to an end tomorrow. (According to our phones.)
Looks like the rain is set to be bloody annoying here and in the Wellington Region. We shan’t look forward to that.

I had thought I’d be ready to work on THAT story. But, Doris hasn’t provided any insight and I don’t much like the story and don’t feel at all motivated to continue it. There is nothing wrong with the story. (Let’s just get that out there.) It’s not something I’d write without much coaxing because it’s not one of my preferred genres. That being said, I haven’t written a considerable amount of it.
Too much to throw away but not enough to finish it … I managed a whole page today then gave up. If Doris showed some enthusiasm I’d probably rally and finish the bloody thing.

Meanwhile, it’s lovely here in Mahau. Pretty sure it’s a cup of tea and a choccie bikkie time. πŸ™‚

For funsies here are a few pics:
You can find the links to each book on this site. I promise they’re not hard to find!


4 thoughts on “Coming to you from Mahau Sound.

  1. New Years came and went, nothing really to repent, 23 sure to be, every day a great coffee πŸ™‚ just my quirkiness sorry Cat lol πŸ™‚ have a blissful time and even though i dont drink think of us less fortunate when you are sipping on a pinot noir (or whatever) πŸ™‚

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