Strong coffee and mornings:

Last week was read an eBook week. Smashwords had a storewide sale. Jolly fun and all that. Everything is back to normal now. I noticed that killerbyte was downloaded a fair few times. Welcome to the world of Ellie Conway, new people. Lovely to have you aboard. 🙂 I'm feeling the pull to the new … Continue reading Strong coffee and mornings:



Yes, it's Tuesday. It's been busy here. No, I've been busy. Not so much the girls. :)Saturday's Crime Writing Session was mostly about characters (also POV and openings), Creating people to populate a novel is a big topic. I fired off quite a few PDF's on Sunday evening, to my students. I felt bad about … Continue reading Tuesday.

Things change …

If you've visited my Facebook page or the bookshop's page you'll already know (depending on whether FB allowed you to see the post) that "Inside Quote Marks" event in Sept was cancelled. It's postponed not cancelled but Facebook doesn't allow postponment without a definite date and we're waiting to have the date we want confirmed. … Continue reading Things change …