Dec 11th 2018

Thought I should write a little update. You know, let you all know what we’re up to and what’s going on. So here goes:

The editing of Qubyte is finished and signed off, and the formatting completed for kindle, epub and print!

There is almost a cover for QUBYTE. Almost. You will see it soon. I hope. Hopefully, I’ll have some proof copies before Christmas, but I’m not sure. Depends on the cover and whether the printers can do it.

Would be pretty cool!

In other news – we are definitely on track for a Dec 30/31 release of the ePub and Kindle versions. [Silent scream]

My amazing Knight arrived yesterday. 🙂 Happy days here!

It’s my birthday tomorrow. (It is birthday month – we have a lot of December birthdays. December babies are obviously amazing!)

#ActorKid has her end of year dinner/dance the day after. (Because what you need in year 8 is a posh goddamn formal dance at the Racecourse – Intermediate school is getting ridiculous.)

Christmas party for our Upper Hutt business school support group on Friday. Looking forward to it. Would very much like sun and whatnot, seeing as it’s summer but who knows?

And that is my week!

How’s your end of year looking?


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