It’s been a week

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mum’s out there. We celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday with an afternoon tea. It was noisy and fun.

It’s been a week since Romeo crossed the rainbow bridge. Not the best week, to be honest. The whole week was fraught with stress, frustration, destruction, illness, and sadness. It was hard to navigate. Especially the part that involved the only quilt mum ever designed and made for me (also the last thing she made before she died), red wine, and a badly behaved dog (not mine, obviously).

The last thing I did for Romeo was let his trainer know he’d passed and how much he meant to us. He was our world. I got a lovely reply this morning.

I’m hoping that the proofs for Snakebyte and Whispers in the Water will arrive this week. I already know there are some screwy parts in Whispers – some of the poem lines were a bit out of whack. I’ve sorted them, but will double check the proof, in case I missed something on screen. That’s the great thing about physical proofs, much easier to spot oddities and then the book will be re-released! And once again will only be available via Writers Plot Bookshop (online or in store), if anyone from beyond NZ or Aussie wants a physical copy then get in touch and we’ll let you know the postage costs.

Today I’m spending the day in bed. The youngest two have given me an extra gift – their germs. I am beyond excited by this. You can imagine. πŸ™‚ And to think they were blaming their illness on the sore throat I developed two weeks ago (probably from the plane). I don’t think so kids, this is a whole new thing. ActorKid had Monday and Friday off school because of it. The Hostile Assistant was miserable most of the week.

I don’t feel much like writing at the moment. Although earlier in the week I did toy with an alternate ending for Terrorbyte. (That’s right, I did.) And it’s kinda become something that I want to explore. If you think about it, a different ending would completely change the direction of Ellie’s life … it’s kinda like a do-over. What if Mac didn’t take his vest off? I think it really is worth investigating. So I am. Stay tuned! πŸ™‚

Mother’s Day 2019

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