Goodbye Missy

We said goodbye to our grey cat today. She and Romeo were besties and now they’re together again.

THA and I were talking and came up with a list of sorts of things we’ll miss and then I wrote Missy a letter:

Dear Missy, I will miss the weird noises you made deep under my bed when it was silent and no one knew you were there. Thanks for the many times you creeped me out. I’ll miss your vocal input the second I got home – explaining in depth how no one fed you all day and you were quite obviously starving. It was all lies. I know that. We all knew that. But we played along anyway.

I probably won’t miss the many and varied ways you tried to kill me over the years. I especially will not miss the times you decided to sleep stretched along the middle stair – grey carpet/grey cat … not funny, Missy. Not funny at all.

Your help with dinner was appreciated, but not the way you’d position your tail so I’d step on it while cooking … again, Missy, not funny.

I know you struggled without your best friend and we all knew you wanted nothing more than to join him and be together forever. Thank you for letting us be your humans for 12 years (?) and for being the best dog-cat ever because you always were more dog than cat.

RIP Missy – snuggle up in the sun with Romeo and know you were both loved an extraordinary amount.


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