What life’s all about …

Obviously, I dunno what life is all about for you, but for me, it’s about stories. Gathering stories. And how does one gather stories? Well, by doing shit. By taking chances (risks if you will), but really it’s about doing shit.

Just do something.

Don’t sit there like my Nana did for fifty-seven years and wait to die (she began her waiting at 40 – that was a lot of freaking waiting). DO SOMETHING. Do something so you have stories to tell.  Read the book. Drink the tequila. Watch the movie. Ride that bike. Take a trip. Love life. Learn something. Put yourself out there. Do something different. Step out of your comfort zone. Laugh, a lot. Life is hilarious and exciting, embrace it. Be you. Be wild. Be crazy. Worry less and love more. (Easier to say if sales are up, so, hey, buy more books – preferably mine! haha)

If you know me, you know I’ve got a few stories. I’ve done some shit. I like to have fun. I enjoy people and experience strengthens my ability to tell the stories I want to tell and enables me to write. To be fair, I write fiction but most fiction (including mine) is based in truth at some point.

Today I could’ve stayed home instead of going to a swap meet (which was a little like being on American Pickers, to be honest), I’d never been to one before, would’ve been easy to say, “nah, I’ll hang here and write” (I mean, car parts …) BUT I went. And, I enjoyed the experience, and now I know what a swap meet is all about. I’m not saying it was fun, but, it was interesting. Really interesting and boy there were a few characters that could end up in a book! And the thing that I loved, I spent that time with #MyKnight, and that folks, is priceless.

Life is about the experience (and laughter). Don’t wait. Don’t save that china, crystal, pretty dress, jewelry, those fancy shoes, that whatever – use it, wear it, love it, and sparkle!

We’re not here for long. Make the most of it … in case no one told you, none of us get out alive, so eat that chocolate and drink that tequila and go out with a smile and a full heart. Meanwhile, I hear a Corona calling …




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