Mother’s Day Musings

Itโ€™s Motherโ€™s Day.A time for reflection, perhaps?Iโ€™ve been a mum for 37 years. Being a mum has taught me a lot.ย I learned very early (Caleb was 6 weeks old) that I was the one who needed to fight for him and to trust my instincts and that I knew better than anyone else when it … Continue reading Mother’s Day Musings

What’s the guts?

Well, this is ...Lockdown Level 4 and a phenomenal Prime Minister. That's right. Our PM Jacinda is leading our country out of this horrid COVID-19 situation with compassion and common sense. (Helen Clark is NZ's Aunt and I think Jacinda might just be the mum we really needed!)As someone who has spent the last 5 … Continue reading What’s the guts?