What’s the guts?

Well, this is …
Lockdown Level 4 and a phenomenal Prime Minister.
That’s right. Our PM Jacinda is leading our country out of this horrid COVID-19 situation with compassion and common sense. (Helen Clark is NZ’s Aunt and I think Jacinda might just be the mum we really needed!)
As someone who has spent the last 5 years in retail (not just retail but in an area that is a fucking hard sell to the NZ public: A bookshop that stocks ONLY kiwi authors) I am grateful to the leadership shown by our PM. I am grateful that she put the people of NZ first. We will come out of this.
In the meantime our customers, our volunteers, and Caro and I have been kept as safe as possible at home. (The potential for writing is there, whether Caro and I manage to turn that into actual words, time will tell!)
To be safe and stay safe meant we had to temporally close Writers Plot Bookshop.
And I’m sure our customers miss us and likewise (speaking for Caro here too) we miss them, but, we’ll be back.
Most importantly – WE WILL BE BACK.
Because we believe in what we were/are achieving. We believe that Kiwis do everything better than anyone else. And one of the things Kiwis do extraordinarily well is tell stories. The thing that we’re most passionate about at Writers Plot Bookshop is bringing those stories to you.
(Also, we’re stubborn and people said we couldn’t do it from the start, so, you know … we did and are.)

I hope our existing customers and future customers are safe and well in their bubbles.
Cat xx


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