April 10th 2020

KILLERBYTE is 11 today!

Unbelievable! I cannot grasp being the author of a book that has turned 11.
11 years ago today I celebrated the launch of Killerbyte with family and friends. It was a magnificent night. I think we had South African wine because my publisher then was a South African company called Rebel ePublishers. I know there was a marvelous cake bought for me by a friend. It was a huge mud cake with images from the cover on the top – even had the Glock 17 from the original cover. 
Today I am celebrating 11 years as a published novelist. Not too shabby an achievement. 🙂
Along with the 11th birthday for KILLERBYTE and my 11 years as a novelist, there are well over 1 million published words under my belt. And yet, I still wonder if I know what I’m doing and if I can pull a story together. I think that’s pretty normal for writers. 

For all of you wondering: 
1. Killerbyte was not my first novel, it is my first published novel. (Novels 1-4 languish on a flashdrive and will probably never see daylight for good reason, they were my playground and teething rings.)
2. It used to take me 6 months to write a novel (around the 100K mark) it now takes me about 12 months. Shit happens, things change.
3. Music is vital to my process and it has to be something with words – most often I start with Bon Jovi and move around from there. In fact it can go anywhere from there I have quite the eclectic taste in music. (Two places my listening will not go: rap or techno – techno makes me angry, really angry – Hulk angry, and most rap annoys me.)
4. As long as I can have music I can write almost anywhere.

Later this year the 12th book in the Byte Series will launch. We still don’t know what that will look like due to the pandemic, but, it will have some form and shape to it!

Original cover for killerbyte 2009-2014
Current cover for killerbyte 2014 to present day

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