Day 1009 or something

The news out there is not good Reader. Not good at all. So, today, nothing gloomy from this author.
What have I been doing?
Thank you for asking Reader. Let me get comfy and fresh coffee …

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen-shot-2020-04-03-at-8.06.14-am.png

Right then, here we go:
The ISBN’s have arrived for Vaporbyte (just occurred to me that I don’t have a Vaporbyte page here to link to? What on earth? I think we both know what I’ll be doing later.)

As I said, The ISBN’s arrived. They came from our National Library as if by magic. Now something surprising happened and there are 4 not 3. That led to a discussion with my fantastic friend, Nicky, and we hatched a plan. It’s a cunning plan Reader. So cunning … come on …. surely you know the rest of that? (So cunning I could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel)
The plan is underway.
More aspects of the plan surfaced while I was knitting yesterday – nothing like some knitting to free the brain. Fabulous. You’ll find out what this is all about in November.

In other Vaporbyte related news: This is a much bigger story than it started out. In fact it has grown by almost 10K since the last beta reader read it. I still haven’t heard back from two of the beta readers so I have given up on them. Luckily I had some obliging non-byte reader friends to fill the gap.
I re-created the cover template the other day due to this book growing so much. My amazing cover designer has almost everything now, but, not the back cover copy. Guess I better do that!
Maybe that will be today’s task?

The first 9 byte novels and the 3 boxed sets are all on Kindle Unlimited. For the next month the first 6 Byte novels are heavily reduced on Amazon. Don’t miss the opportunity to get in on this series before book 12 comes out in November! Here’s a link to Killerbyte. Here’s a link to the first boxed set:


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