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For the next month we have significantly dropped the prices of the first 6 Byte novels on #Amazon, to clarify it’s the ones listed below and kindle copies:

1. Killerbyte:
A death threat in a chatroom leads to the systematic dismemberment of Special Agent Conway’s virtual and real life friends. (2009)

2. Terrorbyte:
Collaborating with the FSB, Delta A scramble to find the true motive behind a trail of homicides. (2010)

3. Exacerbyte:
Agent Conway leads Delta A in a cross-border race against time to stop a child trafficker known only as Hawk. (2011)

4. Flashbyte:
Waking to reports of her own death starts a string of dangerous events for Supervisory Special Agent Conway. (2012)

5. Soundbyte:
A renowned diamond cutter and his family are murdered leading Supervisory Special Agent Conway and Delta A down a rabbit hole that threatens the very foundation of a federal agency. (2013)

6. Databyte:
Framed for a murder she didn’t commit, SSA Conway is on the run with an actor she’s supposed to protect. (2014)


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