Bad Moon Rising

I opened the cupboards yesterday and nodded at the contents, those tins know what’s what.
For years I’ve maintained a minimum tinned/dry/whatever food level, why?
At any minute the earth can throw a fucking fit and up end everything. Has done before, will do again. It seems to quite like tossing its toys, so there ya go.
Also, kids and animals need to be fed – all the fucking time, it never ends.

Everyone used to laugh at my 26 tins of tomatoes in their various forms … (even I think that got out of hand, so the tinned tomatoes are back in line and sit around the 12 mark). And people would comment occasionally about my well-stocked toilet paper/girl requirements situation – less funny now though, right?

The thing is, if you go about your business and restock what you’ve used, and then add a few more tins or whatever to your groceries – it doesn’t take much – little bits at a time, and then when the sticky brown muck hits the fan … you don’t need to panic buy. You’ve got enough to get through most situations.

PRO TIP: I buy flour in 1.5kg bags now, used to always get the 5kg bags. One day it occurred to me that 5kg bags of flour are hard to move around (if you had to move around with flour), so I opted for smaller bags, this also meant I could diversify my flour. What? Seriously, I can store more and have variety. I sneak wholemeal into cakes and stuff all the time, no one knows. Perhaps they do now, nah, they don’t read my blog. 🙂
The smaller bags of flour are referred to as the apocalypse flour. Because it makes us laugh.

Does it though? Now? Does it?

This evening I checked flights because, as some of you know, My Knight and I live in different countries despite us being Kiwis. Usually back and forth between NZ and Perth isn’t a problem – now – it’s a major.
It’s not the 14 day self-isolation that’s the problem, that fine and sensible and as you know I’m prepared for whatever … bring it on, we got that under control. The problem is less flights and now super hiked prices, the flights are always expensive because long haul is not cheap but now we can’t even get to each other directly, we have to transit through Sydney or Melbourne and the flights are nearly double what they usually are. DOUBLE. Almost $2000. Some days over $2000.
That’s the bit that is hurting. Hurting a lot. We’ve already been apart longer than usual. 😦

Meanwhile – I’m sick and it makes everything so much worse!
So go buy some books because I need the sales. Big time. 🙂
And I’ll get back to tweaking sentences in Vaporbyte.


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