Rainy days and Mondays …

How was your weekend?
Mine was busy. Writing Group at the bookshop on Saturday which was fun, lively, full of discussion regarding marketing and other horrors.
The rest of the weekend involved tweaking scenes, fiddling with the opening chapter of the new book (because I’d quite like that to be at the end of Vaporbyte), I’m also reading Vaporbyte, again. We’ve almost reached the point where I’m sick to death of it – that’s when I know it’s ready to fly away to my editor.
I would quite like to start thinking seriously about the cover, so it’s time to talk to Jojo. I kinda had an idea the other day but it was fleeting … probably would work then. See what I did there?

The weekend also involved sick kids, baking, lawns, and housework. None of which are that enjoyable.

I did re-do my landing page for the Byte Team Newsletter – you can sign up here: Newsletter (or via the Contact page, above.)

Right now, I have another scene to mess with after reading last night … guess my Monday is going to be spent with Vaporbyte. 🙂

This is fun though and here’s a universal Amazon link: KILLERBYTE


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