Dark Horse

The last couple of days I’ve been spending time with Vaporbyte the 12th byte novel. It’ll be out at the end of the year. But I’m spending some precious time with it, reading, thinking, checking things before it goes to editing.
This book, the 12th book, TWELVE. Holy moly. Who’d have thunk that back in 2005 when the journey with Killerbyte first began?
Who’d have thought I’d have come up with 12 titles ending in byte? ๐Ÿ™‚
Anyway, I’m spending a few days with Ellie and the team. It’s giving me a chance to get to know another character who I’d only ever seen in the distance.
He’s a bit of a dark horse.

What I’ve discovered is that this guy needed to tell me things his way, not Ellie’s way. And I need to let him.
So far that looks a lot like a brown notebook and a fountain pen … who knew he’d be old school? Not me. Did not see this scenario coming at all. But a wise woman told me I should let him speak and learn how to work with him. It also won’t hurt to take my time.
It’s not a race.
I’m writing his story, the way he tells it. I thought I was writing a third person novel, and I think I am, but, his story what makes him tick is not what I thought it was. It’s like I’m reading a journal. But I think this is just how we’re getting to know each other.
Any who – the new guy – Crockett – harks back to Qubyte.

You know what’s fun? A playlist. Oh yes, indeed. So I heard this tonight and it reminded me of each chapter, each part of Qubyte. The whole writing process is tied to these songs. Each song is a chapter and a chapter title.
Do you have music attached to moments in books you’re writing?
Is music important to your process or do you prefer silence?
I don’t know what music Crockett likes yet, I’m kinda hoping he’s a country fan … guess I’ll find out. With my luck he’ll like Acca Dacca or Barnsey. I could live with that (I guess). I could not live with a character who listened to techno or rap – fair warning, if that happened said character would get hit by the nearest bus. And I would feel nothing but joy at their demise.


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