Eye Of The Tiger

Cannot listen to this song without seeing Jensen Ackles (the Yellow Fever episode) – not a bad thing at all. Anyway, that was the song that greeted me when I turned the radio on this morning. Nice song to start a Monday. 🙂
I did absolutely no writing this weekend – hardly even wrote a text message, didn’t check email, barely tweeted. Shocking for me, really!
THA turned 21 on Saturday. The weekend was busy. It was also fun.
I’m glad it’s over. The whole turning 21 thing and all that entails was stressful.
Yesterday I cleaned up, had a coffee with Daughter 2, and dug out the ‘Shelley’ vase that came from my Nana and was always intended for Daughter 2 (she used to want to collect Shelley china). Anyway, it’s no longer in the box under my bed and now probably sitting in her windowsill. I should’ve taken a photo because it’s hard to find on the ol’ web and it’s unusual. (My mum used to call it the big willy.)

Moving on: The Byte Series is slowly appearing on Kindle Unlimited. Good news for those of you who use KU.
It’s an experiment. I’ve pulled most of them back from wide distribution across all platforms.
The only books still available on all platforms are Snakebyte, Qubyte and Cryptobyte. The in between bytes and short stories are also available on all platforms. But the boxed sets, and the rest of the series are now exclusive to Amazon.
If this works and sales increase – then great. If not, I’ve actually lost nothing because things are pretty dismal anyway so there ya go.


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