Thank you for loving me. Yes, I know I usually add the video at the end, but this song I particularly like and it says most of what I want to say, to the people in my life who show up when I need them. It's New Years Eve.I have to say this year was hugely better than 2020. … Continue reading Thank you for loving me.


Just Older

Welcome to Friday. Turns out I'm getting older and I'm not super thrilled about it. The age thing is okay, I mean, I'm glad I'm not a freaking Zoomer. Imagine? What's not okay is arthritis and not being able to do what I've always done (and taken for granted). So, today I went looking for … Continue reading Just Older


Howdy! So this is the first announcement regarding Qubyte. We have a launch date!!  Dec 31st 2018. Yep, New Years Eve. How awesome is that? The next announcement will be the cover reveal, that's a little way off yet.  At the moment I'm reading before I fire this manuscript back to my editor for another … Continue reading News