Time is on my side

Thanks to the Rolling Stones for the blog title which is a little bit relevant because for the launch of Vaporbyte I do have time on my side and can set up all sorts of cool things … let’s get right to the first fun thing!
Yesterday I stumbled upon something exciting on Smashwords.
I discovered Pre-Sales. That’s right. It’s a thing. I already have Vaporbyte up for pre-order on Smashwords (which pushes to iBook, Kobo, Nook etc) and also on Amazon.
(FYI: If you weren’t aware, there are TWO versions of Vaporbyte available for pre-order on Amazon, it’s not a mistake, there are two covers/two versions of the story they have different ISBN’s**)

Now, I have the option of doing a Pre-Sale, on Smashwords.
How cool is that?
So we’re gonna. Oh yeah we are!

Sometime in August I will set up the Pre-Sale. It will be a link only thing, so to be able to buy and read the book before the release on Sept 10th, you have to have the link. The other thing about the Pre-Sale is that it will be time sensitive. The link will only work for three days. You’ll need to keep an eye on your email in August and check your junk folders!
I could choose any three days in August, so, watch for the Newsletter. 🙂

To get the link you need to subscribe to my newsletter – because only people on that list are going to get the Pre-Sale offer.
Remember the offer is only available via the special link to Smashwords.

Newsletter subscription link here: Landing Page

** There will be two paperback versions available at the launch in Upper Hutt in late September and from then on via Writers Plot Bookshop. Anyone buying paperbacks via Amazon or any overseas store will not be offered two versions.


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