Gutter Black

Topics that are banned in our house and in my vicinity for the foreseeable future: COVID-19; Our borders; Anything related to the National Party; Negativity in all forms.

To that end, I am having a news and opinion-piece free weekend. No news. No bullshit opinion pieces from anyone. Here’s a news flash for you … your opinion is not news. It’s what you think.
I’ve read some utter bullshit lately from “media” sources that are completely made up, or that have taken things out of context and twisted it to suit an agenda. Seriously, if that’s news then I want no part of it. Some people should be in a padded room and not sharing that shit on the internet!
Go away.
I don’t need to hear you. You are harmful to me and many others. I miss the days of balanced factual news stories and real reporting.

Today I finally finished the read through of Vaporbyte. Hooray.
As long as my MacBook plays nice I might get the formatting finished this weekend.
There are a few changes I need to make, things that were missed, and a couple of sentences that are actually back to front, which is a bit weird. Shit happens though.
Really, I’d like to just go make some videos and not do anything taxing this afternoon. I am tired.
Tired of bullshit. Tired of being apart from My Knight because of the world situation.
Particularly tired of trying to come up with ways to market my books and get some sales happening.


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