She Didn’t Do Magic

Tuesday in the bookshop wasn’t I thought it would be. Nope. Not at all.
When I walked up this morning I had one thought on my mind. There’s a scene in Vaporbyte when Ellie recognizes someone in a photo from a bar. And I needed to add a wee sentence. I know I needed to because the entire walk was spent with that particular scene playing out over and over in my head. I didn’t even see a van turn in front of me until the very last second. He should’ve waited, pedestrians get right of way not cars when it comes to footpaths and driveways. He did not wait.
So, anyway, distracted doesn’t begin to cover it this morning. All because there was one scene and a photograph and Ellie in my ear telling me I’d missed something about the image. I had. Thanks for that. Now bugger off, we’re done here. 🙂

Had a fab visit from friend Heather. Her energy is always welcome and a breath of fresh air. We had much to discuss. 🙂

Last weekend was delightfully free of news and opinions. By yesterday I felt as if I could breathe again. Hooray. I wanted to finish the formatting for Vaporbyte but ended up cleaning the house. Upstairs was thoroughly cleaned. (Furniture moved for vacuuming, the whole nine!)

Of course that means I still have to do the formatting. Guess that’s what I’ll be doing after work for the next few days. It’s a slow process especially when my MacBook plays up and doesn’t want to deal with large volumes of headers and whatnot … and the whole, shutting itself down on a whim, thing makes it dodgy! We will get there.

I’m starting to want to write again but am holding off until I get this final Byte Book off to the printers and uploaded to the various sales platforms and the launch completely sorted!
Then, I’ll be more able to concentrate on new characters and new settings. I think that’s fairer to the new work. It deserves my undivided attention.

Today’s blog title is a Lobo song.
Today is a Lobo day. 🙂


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