Miss You

Self-explanatory title/song … it’s been 7 mths since My Knight and I have been in the same physical space and we probably have another 3 to go but we’ll get there, once Oz is at the same COVID free status as NZ. And we can travel again without the need for 14 days quarantine at each end of the journey. Fingers crossed for September and a NZ/OZ or at least NZ/WA bubble.

Moving along … yesterday morning was one of the fun parts of being an author. I was invited to speak to the Upper Hutt 60’s Up club. One of the things I really enjoy is speaking to older crowds, because, they have the best questions. So, Admin Bex (eldest daughter) and I arrived at the Cossie Club at 9:45 and immediately felt welcomed. The seats filled up. I had all my covers printed with blurbs on the back (and laminated – which makes them bloody slippery, FYI), so I could easily show the covers without having to carry books. My books weigh a bit.
I really enjoyed speaking to the crowd. They were a glorious audience. Apparently I was good, so bonus points! I think I’ve finally learned to project my voice (more bonus points). It was fun. Speaking is pretty much always fun. I got to talk about my work, the bookshop, Caro’s book (she doesn’t know I did that), and all the fun things about writing. 🙂

Now, Vaporbyte is available for pre-order from your fav digital store! Here is a universal link that lets you choose from all available outlets. VAPORBYTE PRE-ORDER.


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