I Am.

I am ... procrastinating.I am ... wishing I could write faster.I am ... listening to 'Have A Nice Day'I am ... 100% procrastinating.I am ... really wanting [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] to move faster.I am ... almost ready to load the final files for [Leave a message].I am ... wondering what is wrong with men that … Continue reading I Am.

Strong coffee and mornings:

Last week was read an eBook week. Smashwords had a storewide sale. Jolly fun and all that. Everything is back to normal now. I noticed that killerbyte was downloaded a fair few times. Welcome to the world of Ellie Conway, new people. Lovely to have you aboard. 🙂 I'm feeling the pull to the new … Continue reading Strong coffee and mornings:

Carry on (Fun)

Another Tuesday rolled around and disappeared. Keeps happening. Thought I'd share something with you today. (Not the delightful cold/flu business that TBH incubated and decided to share with me, you're welcome.) But this: Mo Mhuirnin - it's a little thing on Amazon. It's also now on Smashwords (which means it's available in ePub), yeah, that's … Continue reading Carry on (Fun)