Ashes Turn to Stone.

Welcome to Monday evening.
The blog title is a song by Kevin Costner and Modern West, in case you were wondering. I’ll see if I can find a link for you. 🙂 (Scroll down it’s there.)
Today was a mixed bag. It’s freezing, grey, and dreary, after a wonderfully spring-like weekend. I did get some writing done. Not as much as I’d like, but this story is a bit of a juggling act (aren’t all mine?) so it’s not a fast process, it’s a max-brain power one. [Leave a message] is taking shape though and some crucial things have happened (or gone wrong) for Ronnie and Crockett. Someone died, so, yay. Love me some death. (Even better it was an important someone so my joy knows no bounds.)
Here’s a snippet – raw words with zero context, just for fun.

Crockett nudged me under the table. I caught his eye.
Certainly seemed innocent enough. Innocent doesn’t get two men snatched from Countdown. And it doesn’t spin up a weird file from back in the day. And it doesn’t have ties to Albanian’s. That felt a bit racist, to be honest. I back-peddled my own thoughts. We needed that rug.
“What is her name?”
And if this has nothing to do with the Genesis program I’ll eat my hat.
– excerpt from [Leave a Message]

I also baked (not drugs, for goodness sake!) like the good mother I am. Because it’s cold and I decided we needed brownies, lemon cake, and cupcakes. And Doris has English and History exams today.

A new thing happened here regarding Patrick the tuxedo cat and Diesel Dog. Patrick decided the dog’s bed was perfect and spent a good amount of time enjoying it. Diesel very much wanted to join him but couldn’t quite bring himself to muscle in Patrick’s nap time. In the end Doris moved the cat over and Diesel lay down. Patrick then decided he didn’t want that and stomped off. 🙂 They are now co-habitating in the same room without any nonsense 99% of the time. Diesel has learnt not to chase when Pat runs and Pat is learning to slow down (mostly). Give them another week and they’ll be sharing that big bed of Diesel’s.
Diesel is keeping us very safe from couriers and the neighbours across the road – he’s very good at it. We’re very pleased with his barking skills.

Photo: Patrick deciding he’s leaving Diesel to his own bed.


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