Happy Birthday Writers Plot!

Good morning! It’s October 1st.

Today, Writers Plot Bookshop turns 6!

6 years of fighting the good fight for indie authors and publishers.
6 years of saying yes to indie authors and publishers.
6 years of helping with all manner of queries and concerns from new and established authors.
6 years of caring and looking for ways to make something work.
6 years of running writing groups!
6 whole years of wondering if we’ll make through the year. 🙂
6 years of running on the smell an oily rag and being completely staffed by volunteers. (Yes, that includes Caro and I.)

We are still here.
To celebrate our birthday we would like you to buy books! That’s the only way we survive for another year to be the place our authors can come for a chat or help, and our readers can come to discover the pure joy on our shelves! If you can’t get into the shop (in Upper Hutt) here’s a link to our website.

This year there isn’t a cake at the bookshop. Sorry guys!
I didn’t have time to bake last night.

But there are plenty of books (2000 plus).
And we have our very own soap!!
Christmas is coming. 😉


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