The joy of writing …

It is a joy. I’m thoroughly enjoying Ronnie, Ben, and Crockett and the new WIP [Leave a message] – which you can expect to see next year. Not putting a date on that yet, but next year. 🙂
Already had a few people come into the bookshop asking for it. Not yet, folks! Yes, I know the cover is on the bookmarks I had made when [Lure the lie] was released, that was so I didn’t have to order new ones next year! Will there be more than 3? Who knows? Clearly, not me! I’m not planning anymore at this stage. Yes, I know, I never plan to write a particular story anyway. 🙂
I guess we’ll see.
Still slowly working on the story Doris wanted me to write. Having a break from it at the moment though so I can get this third Ronnie book really moving. It needs to move its arse. I’d like both books to be at about the same stage by the end of the month.

In other news, the big dog has settled right in. He’s protecting us from couriers, the grocery delivery man, the across the road neighbours, random people walking past the house … there is no nonsense allowed on his watch. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when vistors knock on the door. I suspect they’ll get a growly welcome. He does stop immediately when told, so, that’s great.
His job is to protect us and he is very good at it. He’s also managed to make friends with Patrick the cat. It’s taken a few days for them to get used to each other, but, now there are smoochy faces and random licks. Patrick has never had such a clean face. 🙂

Other news: Vaporbyte was released on the Scream App the other day. So now the entire Byte Series is available on Scream and I think, Killerbyte is now available on the Kiss App. That’s exciting! So if you know Zoomers and Millennials who read using incentive based Apps – then get them a nudge toward Kiss or Scream. Both apps are free and available in your usual App store.


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