Tick or tock?

With Twitter going down the gurgler under Elon’s control (or is it? I can’t say I’ve noticed a change at all) … authors and other people (because there are other people in the world – imagine?) are looking for other platforms.
I’ve already mentioned I’m on Mastadon – I like it. NZ Mastadon is a pretty cool place. I do get lost though when I wander into other places. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

And then there is TikTok. You should all know my feelings on that info-grabbing site. The problem is Book Tok is huge and I should be there. I cannot download that app. I don’t trust it. At all. For good reason. I’m the person who reads the warnings sent out by various agencies.
An old friend suggested using a cheap smartphone and only using it for TikTok. He is a smart cookie. I’ve almost convinced myself that I can do that. The thought of using a burner phone … so much fun, right? Thing is there should be an old iPhone lurking somewhere. But when I asked Freda where it was I didn’t really get an answer.

That would be perfect for this purpose because I know how it works and I know how to make sure the settings will protect me (and the kids). Yes, I am aware that I sound a bit paranoid.

We live in an age where companies that should be protecting our data are being hacked and the data released on the Dark Web. Nothing feels safe anymore. Photos are stolen from FB (by FB?) and used in ad campaigns. Spam/scam emails arrive by the dozen every day. Scam texts are increasingly common. It never ends and it’s getting worse, so why would I trust an app like TikTok when I read the warnings?

Anywho, that’s not today’s problem.

The food colouring just arrived from Cake Warehouse in Feilding. That was super quick! So I’m rather excited! Doris asked for a rainbow Barbie cake for her birthday. Uh-huh. She did. She didn’t want a muddy rainbow so I got Chefmaster gel colours. The cake pans should arrive later today and I guess Barbie will turn up today or tomorrow! Luckily I have watched Yolanda make a doll cake so … I kinda know what I’m doing. I’ve got the perfect-sized circle cutter for the centre and it’s pretty much all in the carving once the cakes are stacked.
I have decided I will make myself a layer cake for my birthday with orange and teal as the filling – they are my colours. What fun. I do need some disposable piping bags so I best remember to put those on my grocery list.

Today’s song is from a playlist called The Eclectic Redneck:
And it’s definitely not Pink Floyd.


7 thoughts on “Tick or tock?

  1. I’m with you; I do not trust social media sites, especially TikTok, to keep anything private. That’s why I’m very careful, too, about what I post. It’s not paranoia if there really is a threat…

    The cake sounds fabulous. I bet it’ll be absolutely beautiful. Funny you’d mention teal; it’s my all-time top choice! I just love it! It sounds as though birthday season at yours is going to be a lot of fun.

    • Teal is a fabulous colour. It’s clearly perfect for us Sagittarians! 🙂 My top three fav are teal, orange, and yellow.

      Careful is smart. Just recently a medical insurance company in Australia was hacked … so careful is very smart!

  2. I only heard this a few days ago, but Elon Musk didn’t actually create Tesla, he bought it off the original clever cookies, and then, funnily enough, these original owners found themselves without a job

  3. I would not touch TikTok with a bargepole. China being the reason. I have looked at Mastadon which I thought was confusing and seriously, life is short. Can I be bothered? Do let us know how you get on. Good luck.

    • I don’t want to go there either, same reason. If I get a burner phone it will have nothing on it but that horrible app – location and everything else will be off. I’d prefer to use an iPhone if I can find the old one because the security is better.

      I was even thinking It would live at the bookshop and never go anywhere with me!

      I’m slowly getting used to Mastadon.
      I’m still on Twitter, because I’ve been there since 2009 and I understand it! 🙂 🙂

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