Days like this …

It’s a stormy weekend. BUT, it was the first time I didn’t know a storm was coming. Usually, my brain loses the plot and a migraine hits about the same time as a thunderstorm. Not this time. Makes me think the neurologist was right about increasing my meds. Awesome. πŸ™‚

This weekend I heard back from Margot – she just finished reading [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot]. I wasn’t sure about this story. Well I was and then I wasn’t and then I was convinced I’d lost the plot in the middle somewhere.
Very pleased to find out I hadn’t.
Apart from being lazy and not having a chapter that really needs to be there (and near the beginning), I had a host of entertaining comments and laughing faces. πŸ™‚
It’s very helpful having Margot read for me. I’m getting very used to writing Kiwi and Aussie characters and well out of the habit of writing American ones. Thankfully Margot spots anything that makes Ben (the Yank) sound Kiwi.
It’s a relief that my Donald chapters worked. I really like Donald and he’s fun to write.

Anywho, I’ve written the missing chapter and managed to alter the numbering on all the other chapters and not stuff it up. (A miracle!)

I’m about to send it to my kindle again for another read-through before it goes to Nicky.

Haven’t got a lot else to report really.
I enjoyed adding the extra chapter. It’s a Crockett one so that’s fun.
The year is hurtling along. It’ll be December before we know it!

This coming week is the fancy dinner for the Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards. Looks like it’ll be me and Freda going, we will make the final decision before Thursday. It’s a long walk from the railway station to Te Papa – so if the weather hasn’t sorted itself out by then we will give it a miss.
Very glad that I didn’t go shopping for a dress. I’m not a dress person. I’m definitely not a heels and dress person. Especially if there is walking involved. I am a jeans, boots, a leather jacket or sometimes Nana’s black coat sort of person – for going out. Doesn’t matter where I’m going. Funeral – jeans, shirt, black coat. Dinner – jeans, shirt, leather jacket. Party – jeans, boots, leather jacket.
A long time ago I had an extensive wardrobe with many many outfits and dresses all designed by my mother. She was a designer by trade and had her own clothing manufacturing business and her own lines.

Dresses are not the most practical of things to wear when you’re a mother or when you walk everywhere. My wardrobe became jeans, a couple of flannel shirts, many tee shirts, jerseys, jackets, and hoodies. There are a few nice tops in the wardrobe though.
Practical stuff.
Easy and practical is how I like my clothes. If it needs ironing I don’t want it and won’t wear it.

That’s about it for me.
By the way, I am on Mastadon and easy to find. Just look for my name. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Days like this …

  1. I didn’t know your mother had been a designer – how cool! I do hope the weather cooperates for the awards dinner, but if not, well, you didn’t spend the money on a dress…. At any rate, I loved reading [Whisky Tango Foxtrot]. I really liked getting to know Donald better, and the plot itself is great. Looking forward to reading the final version!

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