It’s a crazy world out there …

Do you know what?
Well, do ya?
Do you know?
Didn’t think so … shall I tell you?
All right you twisted my arm.
I missed the Secret Santa NZ sign-up. Second year in a row. Gutted. But then, the elves sorted it because in New Zealand we have fucking awesome elves. And it’s on. We’re all good. The best thing about this year is that everything needs to be posted by Dec 6th. And that my friends will keep me busy/occupied/distracted from the joy of Dec 7th!!!

Also, Doris turns 17 on Dec 5th … so if you combine the two events then I will have no time to be day-dreaming about seeing My Knight on Dec 7th.
Clever, right?
Also, no time to be thinking too much about the impending birthday on Dec 12.

Funny thing about this birthday … it was hilarious a year ago. Even quite amusing six months ago but now it’s NEXT MONTH. I’m less enthused with that stupid number that ends in zero.
Although Superman told me recently that I am allowed to go backwards now.
This is from the man that was 49 and 3/4 for a very long time. Until I pointed out that we couldn’t both be the same age … a long time ago.

Anywho, I digressed. So, here I am, back.

Today I finished the last read-through of [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] before seeking a fresh beta reader. The book needs to land on my editor’s desk before Dec 6th, so that gives someone 16 days to read it and get back to me.

You need to know that this is a Kiwi book. It is a spy/PI book. It is entirely set in Upper Hutt/Lower Hutt. If you are not a Kiwi then potentially there are words you will trip over. At this point, there is no index, and I wasn’t planning on putting one in – that will be my editor’s call. (She’ll probably feel sorry for anyone overseas and add one!) Also, there is very little swearing in this book. I swear more than my characters. I’m sure that’s a relief. 🙂
If you are still interested then read on!

Well, here’s a wee blurb:

“Ronnie, Ben, and Crockett are handed a new off-book mission that none are thrilled about. They’re asked to protect a young woman with hyperthymesia and get her safely to court to testify at a trial before sending her off to live a new life. Crockett has an extra task on his list; he’s been asked to recruit the woman for an intelligence agency but he’s not sure that’s wise or that the woman will be able to transition from ‘social media influencer’ to a career within the intelligence community.
Ronnie’s cousin Donald suspects something dreadful has happened to their neighbours and manages to drag Nana and the Cronies of Doom into his conspiracy theory despite Ronnie’s many misgivings.”

I wish I could work out WHY every post decides to copy shite and paste it. I don’t know how it happens but it’s regular as fuck. And annoying. When I thought I’d deleted it, I hadn’t, or I had but it’d pasted it twice, I don’t fucking know. Wasn’t until I looked at the posted blog that I saw the double-up. Grrrr.

So there ya go. If you can read fast and read an ePub or PDF version then by all means, drop me a line (email on the contact page).
Please don’t ask for a synopsis though because I’m fucking messing about and haven’t yet written one BECAUSE I HATE THEM.
I started it but it saps my will to live so it’s only a paragraph long at the moment.
Yes, I am aware I have to do it.
But you have to do lots of things that we all procrastinate about, so, less judging more putting a hand up to read. Ta.

This blog post was brought to you by whatever fucking horrible germs the girls have and medicinal tequila.

4 thoughts on “It’s a crazy world out there …

  1. WHAT na don’t have a clue.
    Am honored to be asked to be a beta reader but the time frame is not good for me, although yes I do read epub and pdf.
    On a different note, I’m fairly certain some where the Fr0g has seen the Cat post that she doesn’t ____ with frogs.

    • hahahaha, I’m pretty sure it was either Ellie or Crockett that “didn’t come here to fuck frogs” 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Although Crockett tends to say “Didn’t come here to fuck spiders”.

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