Destination Anywhere:

You get points if you know the album and bonus points if you’ve seen the movie. 🙂
Yes, it’s Jon Bon Jovi.
I’ve loved this album since it was released. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the movie … I own the DVD. I love it.

Anywho, it felt like a good album for tonight.
Sometimes life chucks a melon or a lemon or a bar of chocolate … each has merits, just depends on what you were expecting how you react. Sometimes it takes a lot to suppress that knee-jerk reaction. You know the one. It doesn’t help. Best to let things sit while you decide if it’s a melon, a lemon, or a chocolate bar and how you want to handle it.

Tequila goes with all those things. 🙂 Just sayin’

So, I’m sitting here with a beta copy of [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] that needs to be read by someone UNFAMILIAR with Veronica Tracey and this Spy/PI series. I don’t care what country the person is in but … there is no index at this point so there will be words you’ve never heard before and there is no explanation because Kiwi’s know. I am sure that my lovely editor will sort that for you down the track, that’s not where we are at now. Now, I just need someone who hasn’t met Veronica (Ronnie) and can read fast – and also read an ePub version.
If that’s you, if you’d like to give this a try then contact me with “Never Read Your Kiwi Series” as the subject. (Use the form on the Contact page unless you know me and have my email address.)
What do I need from a reader?
I need to know if there are gaping holes in the plot or things I’ve lazied over and need to fill in a bit. (Yeah, that’s a thing.)
I need to know if you get a good sense of who the characters are.
That’s it.
Nothing else matters at this point.
Feeling brave?

FYI, I need this turned around within a week.
Seriously fast.

In other news … ^^ up there when I talked of lemons etc … I’m sitting with something and I don’t know yet what it will turn out to be but whatever it is I know it’ll go with tequila and life will go on.
I would say the sun will come up … but … that’s not a given in New Zealand at the moment. The weather outside is frightful. 🙂 🙂

One last thing: Two weeks. Two weekends. We’re nearly there with the countdown!!


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