I Am.

I am … procrastinating.
I am … wishing I could write faster.
I am … listening to ‘Have A Nice Day’
I am … 100% procrastinating.
I am … really wanting [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] to move faster.
I am … almost ready to load the final files for [Leave a message].
I am … wondering what is wrong with men that they feel the need to impersonate actors and others for nefarious means.
I am … counting down until My Knight arrives home.
I am … a crime writer.
I am … a mum.
I am … a daughter, a friend, a life partner, a sister, a cousin, a teacher, an animal lover, a tequila aficionado, a coffee drinker, a Furmoo appreciator, a Bon Jovi fan, a reader, a bookshop co-director, an instigator of trouble 🙂 🙂
I am … so many things to so many people but really I’m just me.

Just a regular Friday here. 🙂
I’ve baked muffins, finished the washing and the dishes … I’ve walked down to Silverstream to pick up meds. Didn’t wear blue-blocking glasses, I wore sunnies. That was a mistake.
Migraine prevention meds can only do so much if I do dumb shit like that at this time of year. The change in the sun’s position causes much flickering through trees and fences. Flickering is BAD.
I have a suspicion that the rest of the afternoon will be spent watching New Amsterdam on Neon instead of writing. That seems like the best use of this particular Friday afternoon while D&D happens downstairs.


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