The One I Love

And I'm back ~ You may not have noticed my absence but I was gone all week and now I'm back. I had a magnificent fourish days in Christchurch with my sister from other parents. 🙂 There's really no photos of the trip because the only reason for it was to spend time together. No … Continue reading The One I Love

Where’d my ideas go?

I had this whole blog post in my head this morning but then I left my MacBook at home due to the horrendous weather, so I couldn't write it when I got to the bookshop. Also, my wrist isn't terribly happy at the moment. It's been aching like a bastard for three days and nights, … Continue reading Where’d my ideas go?

Dream Weaver

Kia ora,The week has begun. Well, it’s Sunday, so technically it’s the beginning of the week. So far, it’s all right, nothing to write home about. To be honest, it could try harder. My Knight is recovering from his hip replacement in Perth and I’m here in New Zealand. That is not the ideal situation. Thanks for … Continue reading Dream Weaver