Turn The Page …

Going with a Bob Seger classic today. Let me tell you about the last few days. They've been nuts. I posted on Twitter a couple of days ago about Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. And so many people fondly remember Skippy. I've even heard from the son of Liza Goddard (Liza played Clarissa/Clancy in the series). … Continue reading Turn The Page …


Memory Motel

Well, it will be this time next week. 🙂 No, I'm not going to explain that.Most of today was spent reading a proof of [Leave a message] and adding page markers and scrawled comments.There's this one short conversation that only makes sense if you know quite a bit about Upper Hutt. Not a problem if … Continue reading Memory Motel

Hot Stuff

Yes, I'm listening to "Black and Blue", it's one of my favourite Stones albums. The last few days haven't been much fun. Somehow I contracted COVID. Don't know how or when. FYI, you don't want this. Even triple vaxxed, you don't want this. Had an email today from someone who has been asked to interview … Continue reading Hot Stuff