Sometimes When We Touch

If you’re wondering why I chose this Dan Hill song as my blog title … I’ve always loved it. Lucky you!

It’s two sleeps until My Knight walks through the door. 🙂
Yesterday I had to battle Amazon just to get author copies of [Leave a message] delivered to NZ from Oz. Today I received an apology from them and I could order the copies from Oz. FFS. Seriously, they don’t make it easy. I have ordered a few copies but not many because I wasn’t sure it would work! I’ll order more in a few weeks.
Today I have things to do. None of them involves [Leave a Message]. I got the final notes back from my lovely editor two days ago and here we are, done and dusted. There is a pre-sale on Smashwords (yes, that means you can read it before the release day).

I can report that I finally feel better, not 100% but definitely better. My voice comes and goes and I get tired really easily. COVID is a bit of a bastard, to be honest.

There is a lot of noise in my room this morning. The roof leak came back despite the new roof. Hopefully, the plumber found where the rain drives in and sealed it when he was on the roof yesterday because we both knew it wasn’t pipes but the same roof leak, again! Then the carpet guys came out and cleaned the soggy carpet – so now I have their big blower drying the carpet. It’s noisy. I can’t hear the radio so I’ve resorted to earbuds and Spotify. 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend.


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