Memory Motel

Well, it will be this time next week. 🙂
No, I’m not going to explain that.

Most of today was spent reading a proof of [Leave a message] and adding page markers and scrawled comments.
There’s this one short conversation that only makes sense if you know quite a bit about Upper Hutt. Not a problem if you are from here or have lived here a long long time, but, what Enzo says when asked a question would make no sense to anyone else. How many of you know that Rimutaka Prison used to have another name? And do you know what it used to be called? It’s important to the conversation that you do.
Because of that, I need to tweak a conversation in the story.
There was something else I spotted that was missed. Someone appeared with something that they can’t have known was required – oops.
I’ve found two missing words so far.

And super annoyingly, I found a full stop that should’ve been a comma but do you think I can find it again? I cannot! I know I circled it in pencil. I still cannot find it. Anywho, I’m not finished reading yet. My many yellow flags suggest disaster in all directions – but it’s not that at all. It’s just me deciding I don’t like a word or finding an odd wee formatting quirk. That is why proofs are needed!
It’s kept me fairly well entertained today. I can’t do much else but read, so, good timing!

Yes, I’m still sick. My voice is weird. I have COVID voice and it’s not as sexy sounding as you might think. 🙂


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