Hot Stuff

Yes, I’m listening to “Black and Blue”, it’s one of my favourite Stones albums.

The last few days haven’t been much fun. Somehow I contracted COVID. Don’t know how or when. FYI, you don’t want this. Even triple vaxxed, you don’t want this.

Had an email today from someone who has been asked to interview me for the June 1st issue of the Big Thrill.
Was a bit odd, because she said she’d sent two previous emails.
I did not get them. They were not in my spam folders – because I check spam at least twice a day. I suspect there was a spelling error. Happens a lot. They see Connor but write Conner. That’s not me and it will not get to me.
Oh, well, sorted now.
Then, of course, I needed to send an ePub ARC. Normally not a problem, but I’d done something and I couldn’t work it out. Seriously, it wasn’t rocket science. I’d put the chapter numbers as a subtitle instead of a heading. Buggery bollocks that annoyed me for half an hour until I worked it out.
It’s fixed.

Due to this COVID situation, I’ve pushed the final date for the requested blurbs to May 14. That should still give me time to tweak anything that needs tweaking in the manuscript, add blurbs to the [Message] page, and fix any formatting woes before the final files are uploaded.

In a complete change of subject, we’ve hit single digits in the countdown!
And if I was going to get COVID, then it was timed rather well. 🙂 Iso ends on Friday the 13th (ominous), and the girl’s iso will end Sunday the 15th. Perfectly timed for My Knight’s arrival on the 16th. Hooray.
I’m looking forward to having energy again and not feeling like rubbish.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, it will be very quiet here. 2 kids are overseas, 1 up north, two close by but I can’t see them because COVID, and the other two are here and sick. Not quite the Mother’s Day I envisaged. Don’t even feel like making a cake or anything. So, very quiet.

Check out the cool pen that arrived today – one of them anyway. I also have this pen in grey and red. It has four colours of ink and a stylus! Super cool. A few of these will definitely be in the prize packs for the launch competition. If you don’t know about the comp – hit my Facebook page or Twitter, should be pinned posts in both places. It’s pretty easy, crack the cipher and follow the instructions.


2 thoughts on “Hot Stuff

    • Sorry about that Cat – having a bipolar moment lol. Pens do look great though! Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time – heal quick and try to enjoy mother’s day anyway 🙂

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