If that’s what it takes …

Welcome to Sunday. I'm tired of trying to get answers from Twitter regarding the scheduled posts not posting on my account. So tired of it that I resurrected someone. Kinda weird being able to hear her again, but, that's what needed to happen so I don't get super pissed off at spending hours setting posts … Continue reading If that’s what it takes …


Hot Stuff

Yes, I'm listening to "Black and Blue", it's one of my favourite Stones albums. The last few days haven't been much fun. Somehow I contracted COVID. Don't know how or when. FYI, you don't want this. Even triple vaxxed, you don't want this. Had an email today from someone who has been asked to interview … Continue reading Hot Stuff

Scream giveaway: Ends TONIGHT!

Looking for your next great escape? Thrillers, mysteries, suspense, horror, true crime, action/adventure, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and romance -- all with one common thread: these books will make you scream for more.This FREE app features novels tailored with drama, conflict, suspense, and the fear-inducing action that will keep you gripping your phone and on … Continue reading Scream giveaway: Ends TONIGHT!