I’ll be there for you

It’s my birthday weekend.
Yes, the entire weekend, thank you very much.
Currently, there is a super fun competition/giveaway running on Twitter – it closes midday on Dec 12th. Because that’s my birthday. Actually, it’s 12:12PM on the 12/12. Hit my Twitter account and you’ll find the giveaway details. ( @catconnor)
The giveaway/comp is also running on Insta but it’s lagging behind. Twitter kicked off big time and reinforced how much I love that platform and have since 2009.
Not bothering with Facebook – dead loss 99% of the time. I think the same five people see my posts. Don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy their comments and conversation, but, I’m tired of Facefuck limiting everything and their fucked up algorithm screwing everything else. 🙂
If you’re on Twitter or Insta the comp is dead easy, folks. If you’re in NZ you can enter. Everyone, by now, knows my favourite spirit. (Seriously, is there a person on the planet that doesn’t know what I drink??)
The draw will be handled by my (ride or die) bestie/sister from-another-family, who also happens to be a fabtastic lawyer, and I am so proud of her. She’s also the other half of the being we morph into when we’re together – it’s a Patsy/Eddie mix. We become unstoppable, unbeatable, and fucking hilarious.
Stick around folks, it’s going to be a fan-fucking-tastic weekend.
This is how the world ends. Am I joking? We don’t know.

So, what are your plans?
Before you ask, yes, I did write today. In fact, I read the chapter to baby Violet while I was writing it, so that was awesome. It’s important to read to babies. Read as much as you can to little people. (I skipped anything that wasn’t child-friendly, don’t panic.) After I’d finished working, I sung her the Irish lullaby. She doesn’t mind that I can’t sing for love nor money. I was rewarded with the most joyful smiles. She also rather likes ‘Mocking bird’ especially the way Granma changes the lyrics for her. 🙂
Right, I’d best go see if the girls need food? Surely not my job during birthday (extended) weekend??

Other news: The textbook I created for my crime writing course has finally shipped! Very excited to get my sticky little mitts on that. Should make life so much easier when the crime course kicks off again next term! (I have my own textbook, who would’ve thunk that??)

I shall leave you with some Bon Jovi. 🙂


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