I Walk The Line

Thanks to Johnny Cash for the title, but, I think we all know I don’t walk the line … I repel over that thing at every opportunity. It’s in my genes.

I finished teaching for the year. It was fun, as always. I very much hope my students go on and write amazing crime novels. Today I sent the final PDFs to the class. Next Saturday I can sleep in. Or can I? Probably I won’t. Because, it’s me, and sleeping in is rare.
Superman and I were laughing about my lack of sleep when I was a baby the other day. He said I was two and a half before I went to sleep, at all. 🙂 🙂
I did not get the sleep gene. I got the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” gene.

Today I have a sixteen-year-old. She’s the last child of mine to turn sixteen. We can’t even properly celebrate that milestone yet. She’s still in the middle of NCEA level 1. So, celebrations are low-key then after the 14th we can properly celebrate her birthday. 🙂

Now that I’m finished teaching for the year I really should get back to writing. I know I need to write. I also know this book needs finishing. I’m cruising at the moment, though. It’s been busy here. Good busy but still busy. And my wrist is getting more fucked by the day.
All those things I’m not supposed to do, have to be done, and there isn’t an end to that. Be nicer if I didn’t have to wait until mid-March to see the surgeon. Discovered if I wear a compression glove AND one of the splints, it actually helps stop the burning and means I can do more. (Hooray!)
There is a quiet week coming after Christmas, and I suspect I’ll be hammering chapters out then, to hit the looming deadline. Thankfully typing doesn’t cause any problems, the cartilage tear is on the ulna side of my wrist, just everything else pisses it off. 🙂

Take care, this is the season of the loons. 🙂 🙂


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