Wouldn’t it be great …

If you could plug yourself into a charger or stick your hand on a changing mat and magically re-charge. Well, I think it’d be damn handy. Especially in muggy gross weather. Summer so far is horrible. I’m not a fan. Enough about my dislike of wet weather.

I stumbled across something the other day that sounded awfully similar to something I used in my new book. Similar but kinda the next step so a tad cooler. So, I jumped down a rabbit hole to see just how scary cool this thing is. It’s great. I think it’s perfect for what I wanted to do – and a natural progression for the person who developed the first thing. Yeah, I’m aware that makes no sense. All you need to know is … I wrote something into this book and it worked but found something even better and it works, big time. So, that was fun.
You’ll see, next year sometime when [Leave a message] makes its debut.
Until then, enjoy my cryptic rambling. 🙂 🙂
Ready for more rambling?
Go on, you know you love it.
Yesterday I rang a friend. (Everyone needs a friend like Pete.) He told me lots of super interesting things and I made pages of notes. Again, this is for the new book. I needed to know some stuff from someone who really knows stuff. Best thing about talking to someone who knows their shit is you get the funny stories and the things you think wouldn’t happen that do. And now I have a really good place to write these particular scenes from. There’s a good chance he’ll get more questions later. 🙂
Take a minute and go check out Break it Down Show – that’s Pete, and he’s all sorts of awesome.

You all know it was my birthday in the weekend … it was pretty fucking good. My best friend/sister came up from CHCH and we had a blast. A lot of tequila was drunk.
Trying to get my head around Christmas being next week. Seems a bit nuts!
Doesn’t feel much like Christmas.

Me and My Knight are trapped by closed borders and COVID, AGAIN. It’s getting old. Just get vaccinated and have your boosters and stop this shit! Omicron is in NSW and it’s turning to crap real quick other there again. WA is still okay but it’s only a matter of time.
The Auckland border opened and everyone I’ve spoken to this week thinks we’ll have Delta everywhere by January.

In much nicer news: On my birthday 3 people won some fun prizes from me, via Twitter and Insta. They should have them soon. They’ve been sent tracking numbers and two are within the region so they should be fairly quick. I very much hope they post photos! 🙂

I have received a refund for the missing birthday tequila. Nice that it happened fast as I was already out of pocket after replacing the tequila. Still, not going to use any company shipping from Auckland especially if they use NZ Couriers. Fuck going through this shit again – zero tracking, no scanning, no answers to any queries. Off you fuck.
Busy is one thing, incompetent is another.

Here’s Diesel, he has single-handedly protected us from all threats this week. Paper bags, tinsel, couriers, posties, random people walking past. He’s learned that when we say “So and so is coming” that he can just welcome them in! He’s always busy.

Diesel, he’s a very very good boy.
Actual conversation between me and Freda.

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