It’s been a minute …

I was thinking it’s been a minute since I’ve given away a fabbo prize pack.
What’s better than snuggling up with a book and other goodies in winter?
(Clearly, me snuggling up with My Knight would be better, but it’s not about me.)

How hard should we make this?
Yeah, that’s what I thought.
I’ll keep my codes to myself seeing no one could crack the last one! The disappointment!! Honestly, I didn’t think it was hard. 🙂 🙂

So, how about this … Easiest question ever to get you into the draw!

What is the brand of my favourite handbag or tote bag?

Email me using the contact form on my website with ‘handbag’ as the subject!

Do not reply in comments!

Now, it’s not hard. If you’ve paid attention. (Pretty sure there is a photo here somewhere, definitely some photos on my Facebook Page.)

Clue one: it’s a New Zealand brand.

This is the point where I tell you that this for New Zealanders living in NZ. We won’t be posting overseas.
In saying that though, if you enter and are going to be in NZ when this is drawn or thereabouts – then lucky you!
You can enter if you’re overseas: Overseas winners will receive digital copies and sadly I can’t digitise the other cool stuff I have to pop in the prize pack, which translates to no choccie for you.

The prize pack includes 1 novel and assorted fun stuff. If you like stationery like I do then it’s a big win for you!
All correct emails will go into the draw. The prize winner will be announced on my Facebook Page (and here) on August 23rd, 2022.

Notice I haven’t said how many prizes there are or how many winners there will be? That’s right. I’m not telling you. It’s a surprise.

Winner will be emailed by Cat.



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