If that’s what it takes …

Welcome to Sunday. I’m tired of trying to get answers from Twitter regarding the scheduled posts not posting on my account. So tired of it that I resurrected someone. Kinda weird being able to hear her again, but, that’s what needed to happen so I don’t get super pissed off at spending hours setting posts up to have them fail.
So, say hey to @SSAEllie
I can’t say she’s overly pleased with the intrusion into her peace and quiet. But here we are! 🙂
Reminding you all that there is a giveaway running at the moment – there ya go, consider yourselves reminded.
I thought it might be fun to get Ellie’s take on each book … just a short sentence and mostly about the music involved in the stories. She wasn’t overly forthcoming at first, but she warmed up.
Hard to warm up when you’re a little bit lifeless … I guess.

So, if you’re wondering this is what she had to say:
A note from Ellie Conway:
“I never knew why I saw things no one else could see. To start with it was old TV shows but it evolved into something much more helpful, Chance. Everyone needs an imaginary friend like Chance to make them feel like they’re losing their minds. The thing about Chance was he helped me hear the music and see what was really happening. Sometimes he was downright annoying but he hung in there. He taught me a lot about trusting myself and my abilities. He was a crutch.”

“Music was always important; if songs popped into my head or I heard them somewhere (and no one else did) while I was working a case then I knew that was something that I needed to hear. Those songs held a key to whatever puzzle was in front of me.”

“That’s why every chapter is a song title. That’s why every short story written about me or Delta A is a song title and it all started with the story that kicked off in my poetry chat room.”

Ellie Conway: “Lyrics, songs, music, old TV shows; learning to trust my gut was a process.”
Killerbyte playlist:

I’ll share more insights later. You’ll find them on Ellie’s Twitter feed over the next 10 or so days too.


2 thoughts on “If that’s what it takes …

  1. It’s so good to hear from Ellie again! I love her connection to music, too. I am sorry, though, that the whole Twitter thing is being such a pain. You’d think they’d have a straightforward way to approach customer service… I hope you get it resolved soon. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to hearing from oi Ellie’s comments.

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